“My legal situation was critical when I decided to find an attorney to handle my case. My experience with Ms. Fernanda Bueno was incredible. She kept me informed of everything that happened in my case, and I understood every step. Whenever we had news, she would tell me on the same day. I never imagined I would be so fortunate as to have her as my attorney. She is an incredible lawyer and an incredible human being.”
- F.M.T.

“My mother and I were in the search for a immigration lawyer to help with our case. We asked friends and they recommended us to Fernanda Bueno. They said nothing but great things about her services. We came to realize that what they said about her was all true. Fernanda is great, reliable person who you can definitely rely on. She helped my mother and I obtain a green card in a matter of months. Fernanda always replied to all my email and texts whenever I had small questions. She is awesome, sweet, and super professional.”
- B.D.

“I was very nervous and anxious to look for a lawyer in the United States. I never thought I would need one. I thought it would be a very difficult conversation because I would have to expose things that have happened to me. And it was. But Fernanda was very delicate, always very polite, very professional. She was a good listener and gave me plenty of time to take breaths and collect myself. At our first meeting I already decided that I wanted her to take my case. She kept me informed of everything, My experience was excellent.”
- L.F.M.

“Fernanda found the right way to help me with my case when others left me with no hope. I was ready to give up, but she convinced me not to. I found her to be absolutely honest and trustworthy. Through her determination and hard work, my dream came true!”
- A.T.P.

“My case was for a green card after marriage. Because of some changes in the way the government was scheduling interviews, a case that before would have taken six months took almost two years. During this entire time, Fernanda was managing everything. I am grateful to her and her team for all the help that they gave us during this time.”
- M.P.R.