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We open up the limitless book of possibilities that this country has to offer to those that are brave enough to make the journey. We use different tools to help you.

What We Do


We help victims of domestic violence, their children, and the LGBTQ+ community find freedom and safety in the U.S. through legal status. We use different tools to help you: asylum, VAWA, Juvenile Visa, U visas, and even family cases; whatever will help you obtain the freedom you deserve. We are in love with the work that we do because this is what we were meant for. We don’t fill out forms and get you papers; we give you your personal power back.

How We Do it


Everybody believes that they’re different, but we really are. At our firm, we have dedicated separate teams to each case type, to make sure that every case is handled by professionals who know the intricate details of the law. 

So what cases do we even do? We won’t bore you with the details, but asylum is our jam. If you’re afraid of going back to your country because of what happened to you, WE GOT YOU. If you’re stuck in a relationship that hurts you because you “need” this person for papers, we can talk about VAWA and how you can be a strong, independent person who don’t need nobody. If your partner became abusive in the U.S. and tainted your freedom here, let’s discuss a U visa and how to get rid of your abusive partner should you ever want to do that. If your children are here with you and escaped an abusive parent who did nothing but harm them, we may have a juvenile visa to offer.

Regardless of your case,
our mission is your freedom


We believe that everyone has the right to present their case before the U.S. government, and though some cases are tough, we figure there are only four possible outcomes: (1) the law might change and benefit your case; (2) the attorney will have a brilliant idea; (3) we will claim yet another miracle; or (4) we will fight the good fight and buy you as much time as possible, to allow you to get your life in order and prepare for your family’s future. None of these outcomes seem like losing to us.

Immigration law changes every day. We work hard to keep up with all the developments in the law, which often means changing case strategies on a semi-daily basis! We strive to give all of our clients personalized access. Some clients need additional hand-holding, and that’s okay! We are a team of immigrants, working for immigrants. We understand the fear and anxiety involved in the process, and we are here to help you through it. Our clients will always be able to speak directly with the attorney about their cases. We have a holistic approach to every case that we represent, and try to keep non-immigration needs in mind because we know that life does not happen in neat separate sections.



How do I know if I qualify for your support?

If you have experienced domestic violence, or you are a member of the LGBTQ community, or an undocumented minor in the U.S., chances are we can help you. Please call us at 415-754-0036 to schedule a consultation with our team and see what you qualify for.​

Why do I get calls from so many people from the office? Who is taking care of my case?

We have a team of over 20 warriors, most of whom will touch your case at one point or another. We believe in having several sets of eyes on each case to make sure we never miss any issue. Everyone has a different talent, and we want to use them all! Don’t be surprised if you receive calls from several of the warriors as we work on your case, this is how we ensure the best possible service. We told you we would fight for you, and we weren’t kidding.

Is the attorney reviewing my case?

Our supervising attorneys are always reviewing every single case that gets filed by our office. No case gets filed without their supervision.

Why we’re expensive…

Ah, the part everyone was waiting for. Before you decide you can’t afford us, ask yourself this:

How much is your freedom worth? How much has it cost you to live in the shadows?

To us, your freedom and your life are priceless. We charge what we have to and do whatever it takes to maximize your chances of being free. You can go to another lawyer who will absolutely charge you half (you can even find them down the street). BUT, you’ll have to budget in money for the appeal when they inevitably lose your case for doing the bare minimum. At half the price, other lawyers are not willing to camp out in front of the police department for 3 days to get a signature for a U visa the way we have. We have also been known to drive over 10 hours to go to a hearing when the flight was canceled. We often work 300 hours on cases that other lawyers only spend 50 hours on, because we know there is a better way to win and WE WILL FIND IT. While our team is working around the clock, and letting their yogurt expire in the fridge at home, the cheaper lawyer is sipping lemonade and watching TV. You may think the decision is about money, but it’s really about doing whatever it takes. Choosing your lawyer is not a money decision, it’s a freedom decision. Choose wisely.

How long will my case take?

It depends on what kind of case you have. An asylum case, for example, can take anywhere from three months to several years. Something like a VAWA case can be around 2.5 years. A U-visa can have a waitlist of up to 15-17 years. Other cases can be faster.

What are my chances of winning the case?

The chances of winning your case depend on your facts, the evidence you have, and how willing you are to speak about what happened.

Do I need to pay you in full before you get started?

Absolutely not. We get started working on your case as soon as you hire us. We offer several different payment options. You can start your case with a small down payment and choose one of our monthly plans.

Do I get a work permit?

Depending on what case you apply for, yes. Some cases like asylum, adjustment of status, VAWA and U visa allow you to apply for a work permit while you wait for the final decision on your case.

How do I know if I qualify for your support?

If you have experienced domestic violence, or you are a member of the LGBTQ community, or an undocumented minor in the U.S., chances are we can help you. Please call us at 415-754-0036 to schedule a consultation with our team and see what you qualify for.

Does anyone go to court with me or do I have to go by myself?

Our attorneys always appear with you in all hearings and interviews, either in person or via video/phone.

What documents do I need?

When you hire us, we give you a complete list of documents that you will need for your case, so you don’t have to guess. But be ready with any identification documents like passport and birth certificate, and with any immigration paperwork for history that you might have.

Can I still file for my case even if I don’t have any proof of what happened?

Depending on the case, yes. Cases like VAWA or asylum, where clients usually run away from dangerous situations and leave everything behind, might allow you to apply with a declaration and psychological evaluation.

Will my abuser find out that I am applying?

No. VAWA laws are 100% confidential, and the abuser will never have access to this information. All documentation gets sent to our office, not to your house. Immigration does not have access to your address.

Will my abuser get in trouble if I apply?

No. VAWA is a humanitarian law created to help immigrants, it is not intended as criminal or civil punishment for the abuser. Even if your abuser is an immigrant, he should not be negatively affected by your petition.

Can I still apply for VAWA if I crossed the border without inspection?

Yes. Because VAWA is a humanitarian law, it forgives a lot of things, like having crossed the border without inspection. You can still apply and obtain your Green Card without leaving the United States.

Who is VAWA for?

VAWA is for those who are married to a United States Citizen or someone who has a Green Card, and is stuck in a cruel relationship because they need status. Things like domestic violence, control, psychological and emotional harm, forced intercourse, and any number of other things might help you qualify.

You can also apply if you are a parent of a United States citizen child who is over 21 and treats you in an abusive manner, or if you are a child who suffers abuse from your United States Citizen or Green Card holder parents.

What Services Are Offered by Bueno Law? 

Bueno Immigration can provide a full range of immigration services, including Asylum LawU Visas, LGBTQ+ Asylum Representation, SIJS, VAWA, Naturalization & Citizenship, Family-Based Green Cards, T Visas, Marriage-Based Green CardsGeneral Immigration, Brazilian-Specific Immigration Services, and much more.

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