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At Bueno Law, we are an office of immigrants, for immigrants and we say this proudly. Many of us fought tooth and nail for our freedom and we are here to help you fight the same battle. We firmly believe in giving your power back and advocating for your rights and boldly representing immigrants facing deportation. You’ve been fighting hard for your freedom; now let a deportation defense attorney at Bueno Law give you the support you need to keep going.

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People Seeking Asylum

Indigenous Peoples

Hispanic Immigrants

Brazilian Immigrants

Central American Immigrants

However, you may still be eligible to be represented by us if you do not consider yourself a part of these demographics. We encourage you to contact us if you have experienced violence, discrimination, threats, intimidation, or abuse in any form.

What is Deportation Defense

The mission of deportation defense is to stop deportations at all levels. A removal defense lawyer, or in other words, a deportation defense lawyer, is an advocate for you during this process. These attorneys will help you know your rights, prepare your case, and defend you in court hearings. 

Why Can Immigrants and Temporary Workers Face Removal from the United States?

In order to justify deporting an individual, ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) attorneys must provide specific parts of the US immigration that an immigrant has violated. Some of these violations include committing a crime such as theft, fraud, or drug abuse, a marriage that resulted in a green card being terminated in less than two years, a resident status that has ended, helping immigrants cross illegally, and many more. 

When do you need a Deportation Defense Lawyer?

If you are facing the threats of deportation and removal, reach out to a deportation defense attorney as soon as possible to discuss your options. Despite the accusations of your deportation, these attorneys may be able to fight the proceedings and, depending on your situation, avoid your removal entirely.

Deportation Defense Process 

The first step after hiring a deportation defense attorney is to start understanding your current immigration status. Familiarizing yourself with the laws and regulations involved in your case will greatly help you and your attorney build a stronger case. After gathering all the supporting evidence you can get, focus on establishing your credibility. Stay consistent and provide truthful information. After working with your removal defense lawyer to build a strong legal argument, familiarize yourself with court proceedings, etiquette, and responses with your attorney. If the court hearing reaches an unfavorable decision, consult your attorney about an appeal. An appeal challenges errors made in the immigration court system or provides new evidence that has come to light. Stay informed and build a supportive network with the important people in your life. This process can be grueling, so seek the mental and emotional support you need during this time. 

Challenges Warriors Encountered by Those Facing Deportation

The threat of deportation can often be traumatizing both physically and mentally. The truth is that many of you out there are facing the terror of returning to dangerous environments. This feeling of fear and anxiety leads to feelings of abandonment, depression, trauma, and isolation. Mental illness runs rampant in communities impacted by immigrant removal, leaving emotional scars on adults and children that suffer from the devastating consequences of deportation.

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Here at Bueno Law, you aren’t just a name on a sheet of paper to us. We want to help you because we WERE you once. We know the unique challenges and struggles that come with facing deportation personally, and we aren’t going to give up on you.

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