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Entering the world of US citizenship can seem frightening and confusing, especially when you don’t know where to start. Our people have been in your shoes, and we know what it’s like to feel lost and alone in the crazy legal world of immigration and citizenship. That’s why we are here to fight for your dream. At Bueno Law, we want to show you the limitless possibilities this country offers through naturalization. You are a warrior, and we are here to help you finish the fight. 

 When you work with Bueno Law you will feel like you are part of a family, because we treat you like our family. Our team speaks English, Spanish, & Portuguese to best help you through your naturalization & citizenship case. 

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Political Asylees

Indigenous Peoples

Hispanic Immigrants

Brazilian Immigrants

Central American Immigrants

However, you may still be eligible to be represented by us if you do not consider yourself a part of these demographics. We encourage you to contact us if you have experienced violence, discrimination, threats, intimidation, or abuse in any form.

What is Naturalization 

Naturalization means that if specific requirements are met, an immigrant can be allowed citizenship into another country. What this means for you: if you qualify for naturalization in any of its categories, you may be able to achieve your citizenship sooner than planned.  

Who can Qualify for

Naturalization & Citizenship?


There are typically three main requirements for those looking to go through the naturalization route of citizenship:

  • Be physically living within the United States for five years.

  • Have what is described as a “good, moral character.”

  • You typically need to be over the age of eighteen.

The Naturalization and

Citizenship Process

When you meet all the qualifications for becoming a US Citizen, complete Form N-400 to apply. Once you submit your documents and fees to the USCIS, you will be required to do a background check before they schedule an interview. In this interview, expect to answer questions about your N-400 Form- mainly regarding the English and Civics tests. After your interview, the USCIS officer will determine if you need additional requirements or documents. If not, your application will be approved!

Pathways to Citizenship


Naturalization can be achieved in a few different ways. These are the most common pathways to qualify for:

  • Five years of residency within the US

  • Marriage to a US Citizen for at least three years

Challenges Faced by Warriors
Seeking Naturalization

If you qualify, naturalization is a great way to obtain US citizenship, but you can’t ignore the obstacles you will inevitably face when striving to achieve your citizenship. For example, US citizenship can be denied for not speaking English, not being able to study for the history/civis test, not having enough physical presence in the United States, having gone back to your country of origin after applying for asylum, having divorced the spouse who gave you residency, failing to pay federal taxes, or owing unpaid child support, having criminal convictions or any other moral character issue can all be challenges that you might face. 

Case Study: Bueno Law’s Experience with Naturalization & Citizenship Cases

Bueno Law Warriors do not stop fighting until we have exhausted all means of winning your case. Here is what two of our clients have written about their experience with Bueno Law: 

 We have successfully represented clients who did not speak English and could not study for the history/civics test, but we got a waiver approved. We have represented those who went back to their country of origin after obtaining asylum. We have also had success with clients who needed payment plans with the IRS and those who had criminal convictions and needed good moral character rehabilitation. 

Whatever your challenges, we are here to fight by your side! 

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When you choose Bueno Law, you are partnering with the best team of naturalization & citizenship lawyers in San Rafael and San Diego, California. We will guide you through every step of the citizenship process to help you obtain citizenship. Don’t let fear hold you back any longer; contact us today.

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