1. Check the status of your case with USCIS:

2. Check processing times for your petition:

3. Lookup a civil surgeon for your medical examination:

4. Find out how much you need to make to petition family members:

5. News and updates from USCIS:

6. Check the status of your family petition with the National Visa Center:

7. Call the immigration court to check if you have hearings or decisions for your case- 1800-898-7180

8. Schedule a consultation with us:

9. Immigration Court news, announcement, rules, and regulations:

10. Legal resources from the California State Bar:

11. ILRC Know Your Rights pamphlet (English/Spanish/Chinese):

12. Rapid Response Hotline in case of an immigration raid:

13. Northern California local Rapid Response hotlines:

14. Online detainee locator for family members in ICE custody: